What Straumann Dental Implants?

If you have any missing teeth, even one, or have lost all your teeth then you should consider the exciting possibility of dental implants. It may seem an impossible dream but advances in dentistry mean that missing teeth can now be replaced thanks to the Straumann  implant range.

As the name suggests it is implanted into the jaw acting like a root, and the abutments smallreplacement teeth are later fastened to it. Dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth on biting.

The Straumann dental implant is a small tapered screw designed to copy the shape of a natural tooth root. This shape makes the implant easier to insert as it almost matches the size and shape of the original tooth root it is replacing.

It is made from titanium alloy, a biologically safe material which the body accepts as its own, so there is no fear of rejection due to an allergic reaction.

Can Anyone have Implants?

Yes, believe it or not, anyone, regardless of age. Anyone who is unhappy with the condition of their mouth and wants to eat without discomfort, free from the worries of denture stability when laughing and talking can benefit. If you are healthy enough for simple extractions then there is a good chance you may be able to have implants.

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More Questions About Implants

  • What is involved in the procedure?

    A single visit is usually all that is required for implant insertion. Once in place the implants are covered by the gum tissue and allowed between four to six months to become firmly attached to the jaw bone.
    During this time existing dentures or a temporary bridge can be worn comfortably. Once the implants have taken, the replacement teeth can be made and fitted.

  • Is the Procedure Painful?

    The first and most frequently asked question. It is surprising how little pain is felt after the procedure. Often only minor discomfort similar to that of a simple dental extraction is experienced.

  • How can Implants be used?

    Implants can be used just like real teeth in a variety of ways to provide different treatment options to suit your requirements. From one to a complete arch full of teeth is possible. Even dentures can be made to feel more comfortable and secure. A full arch of teeth fixed in the mouth makes you feel more confident and smiling comes easily once again.